HerrimanH   Herriman High School – Letter Award

Lettering in any sport is a distinct honor for High School athletes.  It’s a great way to celebrate excellence as well as yearning to achieve a goal each season.  However, it’s also important that lettering takes work and effort.  The following criteria is used to achieve a letter award for the Herriman High Swim Team.

To achieve a letter award – An Athlete is required to achieve the following three things. 

1. Be in good standing with the swim team.
This means that the athlete cannot be on any academic or team probation.  The athletes meets the attendance and academic standards set by the team found in the swim team disclosure statement.

2. Qualify to participate in the Region 4 Championship Swim Meet
Only the top 4 athletes will qualify per event.

3. Earn 75 points.
An athlete can earn points in the following ways:
1 – Swim Meet points.  The points an athlete earns in a swim meet count.  1st place overall = 6 points, 2nd = 4, 3rd = 3, 4th = 2, and 5th = 1 pt. This is for each individual event in a meet.
2. Personal Records – Each time an athlete achieves a personal best time in a swim meet, they receive 2 points towards their letter.

What do you do when you earn a letter?

There are many companies in Salt Lake and online who sell Letterman’s jackets.  Athletes can customize their jacket in several different ways.  They can include other sports, etc.  Please contact the store of your choice to purchase on your own.