Swim Parents / Boosters

Parents your help is what makes our program so awesome!

Our team is successful because of the awesome parents that we have.  We have opportunities for everyone to serve, from helping at meets, preparing meet snacks or just helping our athletes get to practice on time.  We can’t do it without you.  There are a few areas that we are especially in need of help.  The following organization is set up to help organize the process.  We have three committees that we work with.  The Parent Boosters Committee, the Meet Committee, and the Activities Committee. To contact the chairs, click on their name and it will give you a link to email them.

The Herriman Aquatics Parents Booster Committee
The role of this committee is to oversee all of the committees.  The parent board is made up of the Board President, the Swim Meet Chair, the Activities Chair, the Captains, and the Coach.  They work together to help get all the information and needs of the coaches and swimmers met by our parents.

Our Aquatics Booster President is MIchelle McQuivey
Phone: 801-824-7003 (Click on her name to email her)
She oversee’s the Parents organization, but chairs the Fundraising and Public Relations Committee.  The role of the Booster club is to organize and function in a way consistent with Herriman and Jordan School District philosophy and objectives, within adopted Board policies and in accordance with UHSAA regulations as applicable.  The Aquatics Booster President is responsible in coordinating efforts between swimming, diving, and water polo.  As President, they are responsible for overseeing all program management that requires parental involvement.  Keys to success are the involvement of parents to perform all the roles at a level that supports maximum meet and team efficiency.

She Oversees the following Committees:

All fundraising is approved and directed under the Herriman High School and Jordan District policies and procedures.  The Fundraising committee is responsible in working with the Head Coach in implementing and coming up with ideas that are focused on the Mission of the Aquatic Teams.  Parents may play a huge role in organizing and running fundraising opportunities, but they do not direct or oversee any of the financial aspects.

This year’s fundraising opportunity is through the mobile application Herriman High by Circll LLC. Go to the Apple App Store and search for “Herriman App”. This is a pay-as-you go application that is $5.00 per month. It uses your location to find the latest deals for things like buy 1 get 1 free, 50% entree, and many more.

Public Relations
The Public Relations Committee’s focus is to find ways to advertise, recruit, and report for Herriman Aquatics. They work directly with the local media outlets as well as looking for ways to recruit more members.

Swim Meet Committee:  
The Swim Meet Support Team is different for Home and Away Meets.  For Home Meets this group of parents organize and run the swim meets with the help and direction of the Swim Coach.  The Swim Meet Support Team has positions that are paid.  Some Training may be required by the state of utah as a judge or starter.

Home Meets:
Swim Meet Referee – (Paid $40 per meet:  Training required)
Swim Meet Starter – (Paid $40 per meet: Training Required)
2 Stroke Judges (Paid $30 per meet: Training Required).
Head Timer / *runs timing computer (Paid $30 per meet: Training required)
16 Timers needed
Announcer and MC

Activities Committee Chair: Wendy Hawes
The Activities Committee works directly with the Swim Captains in planning and doing great activities to build unity, respect, and a sense of purpose.  This committee oversees the following events.
1. Monthly Team Dinners
2. Monthly Team Get-together (Separate Girls and Boys)
3. Team Service Project (December 21 @ 1:15 Daybreak Elementary)
4.  Team Opening Social
5.  Team Christmas Social
6.  Team Banquet